Trauma Counseling


Many people have experienced some form of trauma during their life.  Whether it was a painful childhood, a difficult relationship, a social rejection, humiliation, loss of control, physical or emotional injury, abuse or assault, and you can't seem to move forward,  trauma counseling may help.  

Unresolved issues of trauma my show up in the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety/Fears or Phobias

  • Distorted thinking

  • Isolation or withdrawing from people, places & things

  • Difficulty connecting/intimacy issues

  • Getting "triggered" or over-reacting/difficulty controlling emotions 

  • Avoidance

  • Feeling outside of your body or emotionally numb

  • Changes to sleep or appetite

  • Getting "stuck" in the memory, or feeling as though it is happening all over again

How Can the Therapists at Whole Therapy Help?

Addressing trauma can seem overwhelming and painful, however once you have processed through the event, it is likely that you will feel immense relief.  It is crucial to create a space where you feel comfortable and safe and the relationship with your therapist is very important.  Please contact WholeTherapy today to set up an initial visit.